Important Information to Clubs conducting RQH classes 

It has been reported that some RQH rounds conducted during 2008 have been run contrary to the rules. The Agility Committee has also failed to receive results from some clubs in the prescribed time making it difficult to keep the cumulative scores updated prior to the next round.

Trial Secretaries should ensure when contracting judges to officiate at RQH events that they are aware of the rules. This is particularly important when contracting interstate Agility Judges.


The following information should be sent to any interstate Agility Judge who is contracted by the club to officiate at an RQH event.


Judging of Regional Qualifying Heats:

Both RQH courses (Agility/Jumping) will be designed similar to an ANKC Open (Agility/Jumping) course and must consist of 20 obstacles. The RQH must be judged under Open rules and Open Standard Course Time. The exception will be the exclusion of the Distance Handling section. It will be mandatory to include the Weaving Poles in an RQH Jumping Class.


The latest version of the RQH rules in its entirety on this web site and Clubs should ensure that these rules are adhered to.


It is also extremely important that results for each RQH (Agility & Jumping) should be forwarded within five working days to:


Mrs Margaret Taylor

6 Fillmore Road

Bonnet Bay NSW 2226


Please ensure a catalogue (unmarked) and the original RQH Judge’s Score Sheets are included.

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