dogsnswThe first step is to become a member of Dogs NSW. This organisation is a member of the Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC) and by joining you are then entitled to compete in any dog activity recognised by the ANKC.


Once you have become a member of Dogs NSW you will receive a monthly magazine, which contains advertisements of all dog events scheduled for the coming months.


When you read a Show Advertisement (“Schedule”) in Dogs NSW Magazine you will note that a number of important features of the trial are: -


The date and venue of the fixture

The type of fixture: Agility, Jumping or Games

The Judge or Judges officiating

The name and address of the Trial Secretary to whom the entries should be sent

The closing date of the entry

The classes offered

And many other matters pertinent to the Trial


Once you decide on the fixture in which you wish to enter, the following will apply: -


You must use the Official Agility Trial Entry Forms available from Dogs NSW office. These are printed in a simple “cheque book” form with a butt to provide a record of your entry for future reference. Please note that each entry MUST be on an ORIGINAL entry form – photocopies or carbon copies are NOT acceptable.


Agility Trial Entry Forms are also available in sheets enabling you to computer print the information. These forms are also available form Dogs NSW Office.


Complete the entry form in ink, block letters or typewriter ensuring all the information entered in the appropriate places is correct. We strongly recommend you transfer the information, where applicable, direct from the registration certificate.


When you have completed and signed the entry form, double check it and if you are satisfied all the details are correct, place it in an envelope addressed to the Trial Secretary as shown in the schedule, with: -


Your remittance (cheque or money order) covering the entry fee and purchase of the trial catalogue which comprises a program of all dogs entered in the Trial under their respective classes, and


A stamped, self addressed envelope for return of exhibit number or acknowledgement of receipt of entries and payment for the Trial catalogue


Within 7 to 14 days prior to the date of the fixture you should receive in the mail, return of your stamped self addressed envelope with your exhibit number and catalogue receipt enclosed, or evidence of receipt of entries if the schedule states exhibit numbers will be available at the check point at the Trial.


Note: Prior to a dog competing in a trial, an Official Height Card, signed by TWO (ANKC) Agility Judges or other persons approved by the Canine Control specifying the height of the dog must be obtained. The height of the dog is to be measured at the highest point of the withers no more than two months before that trial. The Height Card is valid for the life of the dog.



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