The Dogs NSW Agility Committee is responsible for

conducting or assisting with the following Agility Trials.


  • NSW Fundraiser  
  • Festival of Agility 
  • Assist with the Agility section of the Dogs NSW Spring Fair  


   The Committee also manages:


  • The Agility Dog of the Year 
  • The Jumping Dog of the Year    
  • Selection of the NSW State Teams for National Agility Championships
  • Fundraising for National Championships in NSW
  • National Agilty Championships NSW 2022


  DOGS NSW Agility Committee - Fundraiser Trial:-

     Month held:  MARCH  


  Dogs NSW Agility Committee - Festival of Agility:-

   Month held:  SEPTEMBER  (Saturday & Sunday)

    Includes:-  Final of the Dog of the Year for both Agility & Jumping

    Includes:-  FCC  -  Festival Club Challenge



  Dogs NSW Spring Fair  - Agility Trial:-


   Month held:  SEPTEMBER  (Saturday)


   NOTE:  Although the Spring Fair is managed and controlled by the Dogs NSW Spring Fair Committee,

   the Agility Committee will be running the trial on the day.





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