Agility Related Notices – Dogs NSW Gazette


The following are extracts from the Dogs NSW Gazette that relate to Agility matters.

July 2016

Agility, Jumping & Games Rule Change 2017

The Dogs NSW Agility Committee is calling for submissions from members in relation to the upcoming

Agility, Jumping and Games rule changes (not including agility equipment changes).

Submissions must include the proposed rule with a rationale for the change and must be forward to

Dogs NSW Agility Committee by 1 AUGUST 2016.

February 2016

Competitors are reminded to comply with ANKC Ltd Agility Rules, in particular:-

3.3     Broad Jump  All affiliates are to have the Broad Jump comply with the new 2016 Rule dimensions,

          regardless of date of manufacture.

8.1.4  Any objection by a competitor to the equipment or layout of the course must be lodged with the Judge in

          the first instance.  If an agreement cannot be achieved then the objection may be lodged with a Club Official. 

          Any objections must be lodged prior to judging.

9.16   Disqualification  

          A dog will be disqualified if:

          h) the Handler touches the equipment to assist the dog or alters the position of any equipment in the ring

              without the judges consent.

October 2015

The Agility committee would like to remind affiliates that the collapsible tunnel is part of the obstacle list to be

provided for the Judge.   The affiliate is to have a collapsible tunnel, or may borrow for an approved trial.

July 2015

The Dogs NSW Agility Committee has determined the criteria to select the Agility Team members to

represent NSW in the National Agility Team Event to be conducted in South Australia from 25 -29 May 2016

(Note - see July 2015 Gazette for the rest of this notice)

February 2015

Agility Class Eligibility

The Agility Committee would like to advise competitors regarding classes and titles. 

The ANKC Ltd Agility Rule 3.1 clarifies eligibility for dogs to compete in a class.  To make is easy for you to understand.

If you attain 3 passes in a Novice class under 2 different Judges, you must move to the Excellent class and apply for a

title.  In Excellent class if you attain 5 passes under 2 different Judges, you must move to the Master class.

Where a title is gained and entries have closed for the next Trial, competitors may ask the Trial Secretary to be moved

to the next class,  but if unable to be moved a class, they are able to remain in the lower class for that trial only.

The Rule does not apply to Masters and Open classes.  Competitors found in breach of the rules may be penalised.

June 2012 - Fee Increase

The Board of Directors, at their meeting resolve to increase the fees in accordance with the CPI% at end December 2011,

as from 1 July 2012, with the following exceptions:

*  Administration Levy $1.00 per entry, excluding Agility Trials.

*  Administration Levy Agility Trials - $0.50 per entry (effective as from 1 January 2013).


This clarification is about changes of class and/or partner after the closing date of a Trial.  In the case of Strategic Pairs, the same rule can be applied as stated from the Show Regulations and the ANKC Agility Rule Book.  If the Trial Secretary is ABLE to accommodate the request to substitute a pairs partner with an existing exhibit from the catalogue, this is acceptable.  A dog NOT already entered in any class in the Trial is not eligible as a substitute partner.


ANKC and Dogs NSW Members are reminded that Trial Secretaries work as volunteers.  Respect should be shown at all times for their ability to organize our Trials.

The Dogs NSW Regulation Part 11-Show, Section 13.4(v) states that "no substitute will be permitted after close of entry".

The ANKC Agility Rule 3.1 Classes - states that...."At the discretion of the Trial Secretary, a competitor who completes the necessary passes to a title and applied for that title, after the closing of entry, may request and be transferred to the next higher class."

Please consider that some Trial Secretaries have time restrictions and MAY NOT be able to help the competitor in some circumstances.



It has been reported to the Dogs NSW Agility Committee that some competitors have been interfering with the equipment and numbers during the course walking period. Competitors are reminded that this practice contravenes Rule 9.16(h) of the ANKC Agility Rules and is to cease. No equipment is to be handled without the permission of the Judge.


May 07 – Title Applications –Not Approved


Recently we have noticed that many Members are entering Shows and Trials with Title information that has not been approved and recorded on the National Database. This is particularly noticeable in the catalogues from Agility Trials. Please take note of the following Regulations:


Agility Titles: ANKC Rules for the Conduct of Agility Trials


3.2    Titles


3.2.1 All dogs eligible to be entered in Agility Trials in accordance with these rules shall be eligible to receive Title Certificates upon qualification and subsequent application.


3.2.2 The Canine Council will receive application for the use of the relevant title letters after the name of each dog, when the dog has gained a qualification certificate at the following specified number of Trials under the specified number of Judges.


3.2.4 Applications for the Title must be accompanied by the prescribed fee and, upon approval, a Title Certificate will be issued to the applicant authorising the use of the letters and numbers concerned.


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