Auslink Rules   -    effective 1 January 2018

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All Clubs in each state or Territory Canine Controlling Bodies, affiliated with the ANKC are invited to participate in “Auslink”
(including Breed Clubs that have access to Agility Equipment).


Auslink is a postal novelty series using ANKC Trials rules with the following exceptions:

1.   Competitors will only negotiate the course once, if competing at more than one club only the first course run will count. Date of the Course run to
       be shown on result score sheet.

2.   A responsible club member may do the primary judging, with a relief judge taking over, if the primary Judge also wishes to participate.

3.   Timing to be done by a timing steward with the use of either timing gates or stopwatches and not the course judge.

4.   Auslink courses are to be designed as a twenty obstacle course. The course set is to be of a standard equivalent to that of the Open Class consequently,
      it will be mandatory to include the Weaving Poles in a Jumping course.

5.   The Auslink course will be differentiated from a normal ANKC Open Course in that there will be no Distance Handling Challenge in the course.


1.   During the year there will be four (4) courses posted out to all interested clubs in Australia.

2.   The Courses will be shown in a three metre Grid and every effort to position the obstacles exactly according to the plan must be made with aid
      of a measuring wheel.    Clubs are requested to use Two (2) ropes crossing at 90 degrees to act as datum lines on the ground.















Club Team Score:

1.   The Best two (2) results in each height from each club competing are to be totalled and recorded as the club’ s team score for each quarter

2.   They should be recorded as, “Time Faults………Course Faults………Total Time.

3.   The club team event is decided by the results over the Four (4) Quarters.

A competitor and their dog may not run for more than one club per quarter

 Individual Score:

1.      Individual performances in this competition will be decided by the totalling the best 3 results over the 4 Quarters, in each height.

Certificates will be awarded to:

1.   The Top Three Dogs individual performances over the year for each height.

2.   The Top Three Clubs over the year per height.

3.   Certificates of club participation


The 1st Quarter Course results must be received by 15th March.

The 2nd Quarter Course result must be received by 15th June.

The 3rd Quarter Course results must be received by 15th September.

The 4th Quarter Course results must be received by 15th December.

All results should be forwarded by email (or Posted by mail) to the Auslink Coordinator:

Mr Paul Enriquez    -        Email:             Phone: 0431 31 121

or post to:-

The Dogs NSW Agility Committee,   
Attention:  Auslink

PO Box 632

St Marys     NSW   1790










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